Match Tron bike colour to intensity zone colour

Hi. I thought it would be cool if the Tron bike changed colour live in game to match the colour codes of your own intensity zone based on your own FTP.

This could also free up space or allow the graph along the bottom to show an expanded route gradient line from start to finish for the route instead of time spent at intensity to date. I would like to know what climbs are coming and for how long to pace myself, especially on routes we are not familiar with.



If you race you might prefer not to give away just how hard you’re working.

It’s a bit like swapping out Fire Socks for race day.

Hi there. Completely agree re racing. M.

Maybe that could be another “power up”, the ability to see how hard everyone else is working (represented by the colour of their Tron bike … if they are using a Tron) :slightly_smiling_face:

While I agree there should be much better UI for the gradient I don’t think the tron bike changing colors would replace the bottom trend graph since it’s not just showing instantaneous power zone (as the bike would), it shows the trend over the past 10 minutes which is different. For instance you can see if your HR is trending up over time etc.

That said, I’d be happy to have a bike or piece of equipment that did something like this, but I also would probably take it off during a race because then everyone would know how deep of an anaerobic hole I’ve dug myself into :slight_smile:

I’m gonna cross-thread reference here :slight_smile: But if Tron bikes start flashing as opposed to steady glows, I am definitely going to want the option to turn the things off.

People here on the forums are complaining about shadows and parts of the scenery flashing, and how distracting that is. People’s bikes flashing too? I don’t want to see that.

If there was a way for you to see your own bike flashing and color changing without forcing me to have to see it too–that would be great :slight_smile: