Match Avatar Cadence to Actual Cadence

I would be awesome if you could match the avatar’s cadence to actual cadence.  So, if I’m climbing at 65 rpm, the avatar will spin at 65 rpm.  If I’m at 105 rpm, it would spin at 105 rpm.  This would add another bit to the realism of Zwift.

This functionality is already baked in. All you need to do is pair a cadence sensor or a power meter and Zwift will use your actual cadence. 

Is there any reason why a rider would have no cadence but was zipping along with power and speed? It was weird seeing someone pass me and never having to peddle.

Most likely they paired a device that was sending zero cadence. If someone does discover an issue with a device that is sending cadence and Zwift is not reflecting that, please send details as we’d like to know. 

Do you riders find the cadence reflected in the avatars legs?