Makuri Islands crashing after Neokyo update [Windows 8]

Anyone else experiencing the same? All other worlds rock on but accessing makuri islands crashes whole Zwift (Win).

Just figuring out if I am alone with the issue…


Hi @Mikko_Tepponen_TriCl welcome to the Zwift forums

Shuji from Zwift HQ here. I’m looking at your server activity and see multiple log in attempts this morning. Can you provide more details?

  • It sounds like you able to drop in to other world successfully except for Makuri, please verify?
  • When exactly does the app crash?
  • I’m also not seeing a normal logout event on the server. Is Zwift crashing every time, or are you able to to the normal save & upload or save & delete conclusion to your session?:

Please verify which version of Windows you’re using. Is it Win11?

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Yes, all other worlds working fine.

Crashes after blue screen > Loading Makuri Islands. Just kills the entite app.

Running on old Alienware > Win 8

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Just an FYI: Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [December 2021]

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I know, but should still work atm

Ugh. It’s likely that there are conflicts with Windows 8 and the deprecated graphics driver tech from machines of that time.

We’re bummed that you’re running into these sort of problems. As the computer hardware, OS, and graphics technology marches on, it becomes increasingly impossible for app developers like Zwift to continue support for computers that are unable to run the latest tech because Microsoft end-of-lifed Windows 8 in January 2016.

Zwift runs on a wide variety of OS platforms. Do you have another device that would work better?

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It sounds like the computer requirements for the new map is higher than other maps. Your system may be on the limit of performance.

Put your log file in and look at the frame rate for a ride in a working world. Try the Jungle in Watopia.

I know this doesn’t address your problem directly, but if you’re willing to reinstall Windows, it’s still possible to legally upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Can’t post a link here, but try googling “2021 upgrade to windows 10”

I’ve found that Win 10’s hardware requirements aren’t any more demanding than Win 8’s, and haven’t had any problems running Win 10 on computers that originally came with win 7 or 8 (tried 3 different desktops and laptops so far)

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I’ll try an windows update and lets see if it does the trick.

It is a gaming PC and although 5y old, still run plenty of games at a good fps.

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If the hardware is 5 years old, then yes - sounds like upgrading to Win10+ might be feasible.
That’d be a good idea in any case since Microsoft stopped issuing security patches for Win 8.

Just because it lets you upgrade and activate does not mean you are in compliance. Just thought I would throw that out there.

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Unfortunately zwift have become a peace of ■■■■. Second day in a row today. Yesterday it only shut down on a France course. Today everything stopped on one of the new Makuri courses. I assume we get some refund here.


I second the motion. Neverending blue screen trying trying to login to makuri. Restaring now. What fun

Out of interest, what event were you doing in France when it was crashing?

I’ve been using Makuri on Wednesday & the new ones yesterday without any issues (running on Apple TV).

On my system (Win10Pro) zwift also crashes if I want to load Makuri (after new update). Other worlds running fine. Crash during loading screen, no warning, app just gone…


It would help for troubleshooting to know the rest of your system specs: CPU, RAM, HDD type.

For instance: Intel I7-6700k, 16gb, 500gb NvMe SSD.

I had just started (about 3 minutes) Casse-Pattes when i got some text on the screen (went so fast so i couldn’t read it) , and computer shut down. After i was able to restart France and did Douce France without problems.
Yesterday i started one of the new Makuri courses, after very short time the computer froze and needed a hard reset (unresponsive ). This is a top notch gaming pc, built for running Zwift in 60fps. Now it’s going to run Bigring for a while and will also have a look at RGT that launched a totally new program this week.

Any BSOD suggests a fundamental problem with your system, possibly unstable overclocks. What are its specs?

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