Making Event Changese

It seems like I cannot use the old event change request form (Event Change Request) to request changes to scheduled Zwift events. I seem to recall that there was a different event change request form, but I cannot seem to find it. Anyone else having trouble sending in requests for event changes? It seems like for the past week, every time I place a request, it says to “send the request at a later date”.
Has the format changed? Thanks, Tim

Just checked and that’s the same form I’ve got albeit I’ve not made any changes recently.

Worked okay for me last week.

There’s not been any changes made to this form that I’m aware of.

If you’re still having trouble, please email

Thank you to everybody who responded. I got it to work using my home computer versus my computer at work. I don’t understand why the computer at work didn’t connect properly but…. James, thank you for taking the time to comment. In summary, the form worked, and I was able to modify my event. Thank you all.

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If you clear your cookies and temporary/saved internet files, it might start working again.