How do I change my group ride time and ride description?

With the recent US time change my Friday group ride, normally at 6:30am Eastern, is now at 5:30am. Who do I contact to change it back?? Also, the group ride description needs to be updated … who can I contact to change that??? Thank you!!

I’m not in it any more but in the event leaders subforum there used to be a link to a form where you could request changes. Not sure if it’s still the same process.

link below will do it. i also noticed this last night when i missed the ride i usually lead. apparently, events DO NOT update with the clock switch, and you have to manually request that.


oh, one other note – find the link to your NEXT scheduled event to get it changed. easiest way to find that IMO is here:

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Thank you, Dan! This link worked for me! Zwift changed my group ride last night for this morning’s session … talk about last minute :slight_smile: