Make tunnels between routes in Watopia

I think it would be great if Zwift built some tunnels between routes. An example would be the Ruins to the Volcano. It looks like they were going to do something at the start of the ruins course and then stopped. There are barriers and the start of some tunnel.
How about a climb in the desert that takes us up to the bridge at the start of the Tempus Fugit route.

I agree that these cut throughs, like the ones that were created recently that allowed the Beach Island loop, are great for creating / combining routes. I would be very surprised if there aren’t more in the plans.

Re the climb in the desert, I think that is a railway bridge, so not sure it would be safe for cyclists. But in all seriousness, this is the one dedicated flat area of Watopia, there is plenty of climbing to be found elsewhere.

I want that feature as well including a big challenge cruising a really big route through all of the Zwift World (maybe some variations between 100 - 200km so that more cyclists can achieve).