Make the new metal pacebots look less murdery

Almost universal consensus across several rides is the new bots look sinister and want to kill all humans. Could you perhaps make them a little less murder-y please?

Unpopular opinion but…i like them.


Just remember, they not real, its just a game.

They look fantastic.


Exactly! I agree with Chris - it’s just a game!


I don’t think it’s a universal consensus from the feedback I’ve seen.

Definitely fans on both sides.


This is one of those curious visual perception situations, like that blue-black/white-gold dress phenomenon a few years back. I’ve ridden briefly with one of the new Robopacers and also looked at a bunch of screen grabs: nothing I’ve seen has made me think ‘murdery’ or ‘sinister’ or ‘want to kill us all’ whatsoever. But there are evidently people whose gut reactions to these avatars are strongly in the negative.
We humans are weird.

Put me in the “I like them” pile.

Robots are less scary than ghosts.

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Maybe the 8 hour ride I did was unrepresentative… I saw only jokes about Terminator and comments from dozens of people saying they looked ready to kill you and that the metal spine in particular was horrific.

Also comments on various forums including reddit to the same note:

“An exposed spine protruding from an artificial rib cage casing…. Yup! That’s what I want to follow around…”


“I do NOT like the new design. It used to be a person with an angelic glow. Now it’s s a dystopian sci-fi villain. I have to focus on this for pace?! That’s really disappointing.”

I am fine with robots. But please make them a little more friendly looking, they are properly Terminator-sinister as of right now.

i can’t ever recall seeing a single comment saying the “ghost” bots were scary… because they didn’t look like ghosts.

If YOU don’t find them sinister… fine, but that doesn’t negate other people’s feelings. This isn’t like opting out of an 18-rated film that some might find scary and others don’t, there’s no way to opt out of seeing the pacebots so I would like to think they should like non-sinister to all. An “I’m alright, Jack” mentality is not helpful.

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I haven’t seen them in the wild yet (nice summer weather season here), but from the pictures, I don’t like them at all. I propose:

  • give them a human form
  • call them something more friendly, I suggest Pace Partners
  • also, change the homescreen-section title for them. I think it’s not very intuitive, especially for new users, to associate “24/7 group rides” with pacer bots.

Unless you are polling the entire userbase to see if they prefer them to the old style, stating that some people don’t like them is also not material to suggest that they need to be changed.


New pace bots are awesome. They are easy to see and now they are truly Robo Pacers. :+1:


I think the gist is that the new design is a bit polarizing from an aesthetic standpoint. The old design was not as much if at all, and the question is why make this change if it’s at all controversial?


Because sanitizing everything to ensure it isn’t at all controversial makes the platform super boring.


Expressing a difference of opinion in a discussion forum is neither helpful nor unhelpful. Since there are currently no downvote buttons for threads, people who do not agree with the argument of the thread-starter only have recourse to posting opposing arguments.

This is a purely subjective subject, so it’s fair for other zwifters to say that they “feel” differently to the thread-starter if they wish.

You don’t like the new form.
I like the new form. I didn’t dislike the old form.
Far more important to me is that I’d prefer for no further valuable developer time to be spent on the aesthetics of these avatars when there are more pressing matters to be taken care of in Zwift. Each to their own.

I’m looking at this video posted by Zwift Insider and unable to see any sinister aspects. I see a cartoonish caricature of a humanoid robot with what looks to be a (probably carefully created) neutral facial expression.
Until one of the RoboPacers actually commits a violent act, perhaps they shouldn’t be judged on their appearance. I’d like to be judged the same way. :man_shrugging:


Fair enough, but they already existed and never heard previously that the previous RPs were described as sanitized.

For myself, I’m indifferent. From typical view, I’m underwhelmed and from some standpoints in some lighting, they seem pretty unremarkable and just kinda odd.

Spoiler alert.

Don’t watch the film I-Robot


Robopacer form now matches their recently changed name, from being formerly known as “pace partners.”


You missed the point. I suggested making them friendly robots rather than sinister ones. Not reverting back to non-robots.

Kind of making my point for me here - they absolutely remind many people of the psycho killer robots from I-Robot, that’s… entirely my point

This isn’t about “like” vs “don’t like”, its about a number of people finding them downright sinister in appearance and asking for some tweaks to make them a little friendlier.

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