Make reverse routes more accessible

Hi Zwift team,

With the dramatic increase in users, I’m curious how difficult it would be to open up the reverse routes beyond just event only. It seems that the number of riders that are riding reverse routes is very small and distributing those users across forward and reverse is a great way to further spread out the crowd. Some routes such as Park Perimeter are very difficult to ride right now and are a total non-option for things like Meetups.

I think if you made the reverse options publicly available for riders to select (and Meetups to select!), we may see a much more pleasant riding experience. It’s perhaps a small change that would have a big impact. If you manually reverse, it tends to be very quiet roads. It’s a shame that isn’t a bit more accessible for all modes of riding.

There are lots of good route options such as Park Perimeter Reverse (NYC), Cobbled Climbs Reverse (Richmond), etc that would be amazing options for all modes of riding. Thanks!

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When you select a route and start riding you can pres the u turn button and Zwift will follow the route in the opposite direction.


Or you can u-turn on the companion app.

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Or down arrow on the keyboard if using a desktop or laptop.

Yes I know, but these routes/options are not available for Meetups. Additionally, if these route options were presented separately (and possibly with badges), people would choose these options instead of having to manually U turn, which I suspect isn’t done that often, based on the few number of riders that are riding reverse.


That would double the amount of route options, making the list super long.

It will be nice if meat up’s has the option to toggle a reverse option, like orginizers can do in events.

Re: a long list, those are UI/UX problems that can be solved.

Think of it this way: about 50% of the traversable terrain in Zwift is heavily under utilized at a time when the userbase is growing very rapidly. How do you better balance the riders across that terrain?

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Don’t tell every one about reverse. more quiet roads for us. :rofl: :rofl:

Yes with a UI change this could be done, like a reverse button when selecting a route.