Make iphone app accessible

I am visually impaired and an active user of an indoor trainer. I would like to be able to use zwift for the access to the many workouts and to ride with others, but the iphone/ipad lacks any accessibility support when being used on a device where VoiceOver is enabled.

It will be helpful if buttons were labeled and could be accessed while in this mode and if we could just tap on the screen and get feedback about what is displayed in the various boxes like other apps. Also the swipe function needs to be adjusted to support voiceover. One cannot get past the intro screen with VO on.

I would be happy to work with someone in development to provide more specific feedback. This change would be a huge benefit to many of us. I know it is a small number of people overall, but we are very dependent on using indoor trainers.


Hi Paul, the best option right now for sight-impaired athletes is really AppleTV. TVOS has - built-in - a huge number of accessibility features. We’ve got quite a fewf avid sight-impaired users, and we’ve been encouraging all of them to try TVOS. 

Definitely appreciate your feedback, but in the short term, would love to hear if AppleTV is an option and - if so - what you think of it.

Best, Jordan

I do not have access to a current generation AppleTV. Are you saying that the zeift TVOS app will work with Siri for control. Will this work for someone that cannot see the screen that the AppleTV is connected to?




Hi Paul,

Unfortunately not. The Apple TV app is much more simplified UI because of the limitations of the Apple remote, but it would still require that you can at least somewhat see the screen. We don’t currently have anything that would function strictly with voice commands.

Apologies for any misunderstanding there. 



Do you not think that the inclusion of accessibility in this app would’ve been a sensible thing considering that vision impaired people would be able to ride from home.

I am an able to get out and ride with my pilot on my tandem as much as I would like but this app would open that ability for me.

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I’m also a blind triathlete and would love to be able to use Zwift due to a lack of pilots in my area. I also live in Minnesota so winter riding in doors is a must. I really don’t think making this app accessible with software that converts text to speech would take much effort. Unfortunately i can’t really test much of the app as the login screen is completely inaccessible to text to speech technologies. I am a web accessiblity consultant as my day job, so would love to speak with anyone who might have an interest in growing the Zwift user base through making the app accessible. Again I have a totally selfish reason, I want to ride Zwift so badly. Please let me know if I can help!!