Make HUD less big/bulky

Would it be possible to make each portion in the HUD adjustable so that we can place them where we like them to be?

For example, on a 4K Monitor the HUD is HUUUUGGGEEEEE! The fonts are so big that it blocks a lot of the view. I’d prefer if there would be a possible way (like editing a .xml file) how big the fonts and boxes are and they adjust their content respectively.

Or maybe just a switch like we have with the home screen scaling?

Kind regards,

I do most of my zwifting on a 10" iPad where the HUD sizing is fine - but I totally agree - where I do get to use my Mac, the in game HUD elements are disproportionately large and it all looks a bit childish and isn’t in keeping with the updated homescreens etc.

I’ve been experimenting with a transparent HUD overlay which looks much slicker but certain game modes (TOW) don’t allow the HUD to be switched off.

I know there are some people out there who need the big HUD (or who might even like it a bit bigger) due toi visual impairments so I guess it needs to be somewhat configurable.