MAGENE gemini 200 cadence sensor periodically shows 1 rpm instead of real cadence

First of all, allow me congratulate on the android version.

My setup is an Elite Direto and a MAGENE gemini 200 cadence sensor.
The Elite Direto works flawlessly with the android beta (power, cadence, controllable) .

(I could not get resistance control to work with PC + companion BT at all, but it works fine on android)

However, when I pair with my MAGENE gemini 200 BT cadence sensor, instead of the direto cadence, the reading fluctuates:

For 1-2 seconds, it displays 1 RPM, then for 1-2 seconds it displays the real cadence, then again 1 RPM, and so on.

The same cadence sensor works perfectly with the PC + Companion BT bridge version.

The problem i have is that if you pair something as a controllable trainer then you have to pair everything from that trainer, I have tried this with various trainers and sensors.

If i just use my power meter the cadence is fine.

Hey István, I have exactly the same problem with the Magene cadence sensor. In my case this happens only in Zwift for Android. On my Windows laptop, cadence values from the Magene sensor are fine.
Weirdly, if I connect the same sensor through ANT+ in Zwift for Android, there is no problem and cadence is shown correctly. Unfortunately, ANT+ connections are unstable in Zwift for Android and are prone to fail after some time. I hope this will be solved!