MacOS 10.14 Mojave - Graphics Card Issue

I am running a 2018 MacBook Pro and recently updated to MacOS 10.14 Mojave (nonBeta)

Prior to Mojave (10.13.6) Zwift was recognizing my Radeon Pro 560x card and all was well. Once I upgraded to MacOS 10.14, Zwift is only recognizing my Intel UHD 630 which works but not nearly the performance of the Radeon 560x.

Anyone else recognize this issue? ZwiftHQ?

More than happy to share log files.

Hi Cameron,

Conferring with my colleagues, there’s no way to manually choose which GPU MacOS assigns to an app like Zwift. If you’ve got two GPUs and the weaker one is being defaulted for use with Zwift, it’s likely a bug with the new Mojave where it’s not properly recognizing the drivers for your Radeon 560x. I’d advise you to contact Apple Support and let us know what they have to say on the matter. Thanks!

Thank you Steven D. After spending more time looking into the issue I found that MacOS offers “automatic graphics switching” as en energy savor preference. I can simply uncheck this or disable the switching mode. Disabled forces the mac to utilize the more advanced GPU vs. integrated GPU.

Should be good to go with this feature disabled.

See link…


Cameron, thanks for your post on Automatic GPU Switching. I upgraded to Mojave last week and was experiencing major lag and jumpiness throughout the Zwift app. All is working as expected after disabling GPU switching. Thanks!