Mac OSX Mojave and Computrainer

(John Larson (LAPT)) #1

I recently updated my Macbook Pro to OSX Mojave. Now, the Zwift frame rate has gone down to less than 1 FPS. the game freezes for a second or two almost every other second.

My trainer is a Computrainer. The setup was working very well until the Mojave update was installed.

Anyone else encounter this?

(Cameron Knuth) #2

I had the issue but not as drastic as you. problem solved below…See link

(John Larson (LAPT)) #3

Thanks for the suggestion, @CamK. However, my macbook pro does not have dual graphics cards, and that option is already turned off (unchecked). I’m re-installing to see if that makes any difference.

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey John, any updates? Do you know if there were any new programs running in the background that might have affected the frame rate?

(John Larson (LAPT)) #5

I have made sure nothing is running in the background.

The problem is more than just a low frame rate - the program ‘hangs’ for a second or two about every 3~4 seconds. My USB connection to the computrainer has lights that blinks when communication is occuring. With a normally running Zwift session, the blinks are rapid and continuous. Now, on OSX Mojave, the blinking pauses along with the observed program hangs.

I’ve made sure the correct USB drivers are installed/active. Right now I’m just putting this down to Mojave/USB wierdness. At least I have another computer to use (an older macbook pro), wich is not as good as the one I installed Mojave on, but it’s workable.

If I load up Zwift and choose to just watch (no connections to sensors), Zwift behaves with a normal frame rate, so I know it has something to do with the USB connections.

(Kevin Gilmore) #6

John, did you ever figure this problem out? I’m having the same issue with my CompuTrainer. I thought it was the DIN cable so I replaced it but the video is still very choppy.

(Vincent W.) #7

Hey @Kevin_Gilmore have you tried turning off automatic GPU switching?

(Kevin Gilmore) #8

Vincent, yes, I tried that early on but it made no difference for me. Still the same choppy video.


(Kevin Gilmore) #9

Hi Vincent,

Yes, that was one of the first things I tried but it made no difference for me. I still have the same choppy video.


(Cian Clarke) #10

Also experiencing single-digits FPS & really poor performance on a 2018 Macbook Pro which should be getting 30+fps with no real reason for it