MacBook Pro over heating with Catalina

I bought a new MacBook Pro with Catalina software version. When I log on Zwift, the computer is overheating. Anyone facing this issue ?

I have an older Macbook Pro running Catalina. It gets warmer, but does not overheat. What exactly is happening when your MBP begins “overheating”.

I would also open OS X Activity Monitor and sort by %CPU and/or %GPU to see if there is anything odd going on (e.g, another process eating a ton of CPU or GPU, etc…)

Sorry for such a long answer. Actually the back cover becomes very hot and the fan goes on after a minute or so. I am afraid of damaging the computer on the long run

I noticed the same issue with my new MacBook Pro (Gen 10). What helped:
In settings change -> Laptop battery saver -> Max battery saver. It works on everything max like a charm, if I change to “Off, Max speed”, I guess it has some kind of “power leak”.

Another thing what I noticed - it overheats if it’s connected to power anyways. So you need to be on battery (I guess if it’s on power, it goes “Off, Max speed” anyways).

Yes… Same issue here sadly. I’ve had to go back to using an ATV 4K (which is a massive downgrade in performance)

Before “Upgrading” to the latest MacOS the laptop was fine and no issues. Now with Catalina it overheats even to a point of shutting down (on the sprint layoff last week’s AHDR America’s Humpday ride!).

It bleeds power from the battery far quicker than ever before… all in all it was a bad choice for me to update.

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions. I also have a MacBook Pro, and was excited to get it up and running with Zwift only to be concerned and appalled at how much Zwift consumes on this system. Yes, the fan turns on after about a minute, and Mac heats up significantly, even when I set Zwift video resolution lower.

I’d be surprised if this is something Zwift can address without a major app upgrade/release.