MacBook Pro over heating with Catalina

I find this strange. Zwift shouldn’t be handling the power the system uses, MacOS should be doing that. MacOS decides how much power the CPU can consume before slowing the CPU down, Zwift doesn’t have any say in that.

turbo boost is the main problem it seems. The mac will overclock to get the best performance it can. im not sure whos fault its is, but neither apple or zwift are going to change it soon.

Thanks for the suggestion James!

I found an application called appolice that allows me to throttle my CPU for a specific app ( in this case zwift) - I was able to go from 99-103degrees C to about 67-69C by limiting the CPU to 55% +_ , you will need to play around with your setup to see which limit works best

Secondly I used fanny widget to monitor the temps and fan speed , whilst making adjustments on apppolice- I let it run for 30min with the power plugged in. This helped me hone in on the best CPU limit for my setup

hope this helps and works for others