MacBook Air Big SUR update issues

So after beeping forced to update the OS on my MacBook Air, i can now no longer launch Zwift… the launcher gets as far as the lets go page, i press the icon and then that’s it !!! its just a scrolling screen and dent go any further.

i have re-installed, closed down and restart, checked firewall and any access issues, downloaded and paid for an approved VPN…

It was working fine last week :frowning:

anyone know how to fix this issue ???

many thanks


Need to allow permissions for the Zwift app, they get reset when you install MacOS updates.

Dave how do i do that bud… zwift has been my life saver throughout lockdown and for the last 5 years TBH.

Not a clue I’m afraid, I don’t use Mac. But go into whatever the installed apps section is, and you should see something that lets you adjust the permissions for each one.

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I have updated as well a while ago- nil issues until this morning- now getting ‘forbidden’ window on launching the app- I have all permissions allowed, cleared cache, re installed, rebooted- still getting ‘forbidden’ window on launch of program only since this morning

Try the following:

  1. Open “System Preferences”, select “Security & Privacy”, select the “Privacy” tab.
  2. Now scroll down to “Files and Folders”. Verify that Zwift has access to the “Documents Folder”. If it does not, then change the setting.
  3. Next, scroll down to “Bluetooth”. Verify that Zwift has “Bluetooth” access. Again, if not, change the setting.
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