Mac Graphics card?

This is my graphics card. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M. I’m not very clued up on hardware. Is this ok? As I still can’t run the app.


This is the recommended spec card. NVIDIA GTX 650


Regards Oliver.


Hi Oliver, it seems Apple may have broken something in the graphics driver in the OSX 10.11 update for the GTX 600 series nvidia computers. Many other 3D apps have also reported having issues since the OSX 10.11 update.

If you’d like to try, NVIDIA themselves have released an update that may fix the issue here:

Here’s the link to use, depending on what OSX version you have:

OSX 10.11. 2

OSX 10.11. 1

If you do give them a try, please let us know how it goes.  


Excellent. This seems to have solved the problem. Thank you very much.


fwiw, this was the exact problem that I was having   Zwift crashing instantly.  This fixed it.  THanks!!!

Here it is for OSX 10.11.3: