M1 / Apple Silicon compatibility

Without shadows looks like basic? I think this is a little to hard. For me it looks very great enough! Because all future MacBooks will work with M1 or newer, Zwift will make it nativ, than shadows will not be a question.

Basic profile is the only one (of the four tiers) that does not have rider shadows. They make the single biggest improvement to the appearance of the game in my opinion, yeah.

Do you think rider shadows will come for the M1 CPU in the future?

They should be there already with High profile, it’s a bug.

Do you think Zwift is already informed about the bug?

Yeah, it’s been mentioned many times. :confused:

BTW, if you’re experiencing this bug, open a case with Zwift. It helps to show Zwift that it’s a bug that people would like fixed sooner than later.

Great App. It actually interesting seeing how the CPU temp is controlled on an M1, it looks like it reduces power to the chip before it turns on the fan, almost like the fan is a last resort. It does really work tho, max fan brings down temps 10deg quickly. I also see that M1 Air users are now getting good performance (better than macbook pro!) from just a £10 thermal pad on the CPU.

I have noticed some changes to how the game is handled. Its not using just one core anymore, its seems to be spreading out over two, maybe this was a OS change rather than Zwift tho. Previously 1 core used to max out running zwift, now it does not. Running zwift now no longer cooks my M1 pro.

Still cant believe they havent fixed the shadow bug tho… or released a Silicon version for the M1. its been around longer than a year now!


I think that are many people out there with M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs. People bought that because of a hugh performance change. It is not satisfying Zwift only works translated on Rosetta2!


Unless something has changed dramatically in the last 2 years, the underlying development toolkit that Swift is built upon is not yet released as M1 native. It is however, getting close, and assuming that delivers in Q1/22 as expected, I would expect Zwift to be able to support the M1 platform sometime in Q2/22.


hey there zwift, are there news about this?