Low wattage and very high cadence

I’m not unfit, I came to this after a lot of hard spin classes and decided to get more real…but I am struggling to achieve a 90 watt session over 6 minutes (in a foundation workout) because the cadences are crazy… I’m having to hit 120-140 even 150 to hit 90 watts in highest gear.
This is after I calibrated my wahoo kickr19 again this morning ( I did the spindown in a middle gear).
Generally finding I’m on zwift most of the time in top gear - surely my gears are there to be used…
I’m very new to this

Hi @Richard_Cox, welcome to the forums.

It depend on what bike you are using, a MTB with a small front chaining wont give you the same speed as a road bike bit large chanrings.

What setup do you use for zwift?

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Hi Gerrie
I’m using a Cube Peleton road bike with a shimano sora 2x9 set - which is the same set as on the wahoo (replaced the original spec on the wahoo to match the bike’s).
I am using a wahoo kickr 2019 model

Are you only having this problem in workout mode. If so than I guess you are not using ERG mode or your trainer is not paired as ANT+ FE-c

I was in non workout mode very briefly this afternoon and I was finding some respectable watts - I’ll look into my ANT dongle.
That said, when I am in workout mode - it has in the past told me when I slow down and or stop that ERG is re starting (or something similar).