Low Power Readins

Power output question

Got a new trainer wahoo Kickr core

The cassette on my bike was 11-25

on the trainer it is 12-29

I seem to always have to be in big ring and well down cassette not to be spinning out.

I was big ring half way down cassette and getting 95w at 80RPM. Thought initially it’s to low geared but keep being told it’s not.

Had trainer connected to zwift and assiomas connected to head unit both reading similar output when using zwift on sim mode however when wheel is back on reading Assioma is much higher/normal again.

Would the trainer be providing no resistance when on zwift? It does change incline etc.

That doesn’t sound right. Have you calibrated the trainer via the Wahoo app (don’t use Zwift to calibrate it)?

Yes did it both on zwift and wahoo app. Also did a factory reset spindown.

no. of teeth on front cog = ?

50 x 34 - but it seems to have correct power output on road as before

this set up correctly in trainer app?