Inaccurate with wahoo kickr

App is extremely inaccurate with my wahoo kickr

Hi @Dale_Lafever

Can you elaborate a bit. What is inaccurate how do you know it is inaccurate?

And to what app are you referring?

When pedaling in my big cog about mid on cassette it says I an moving at 2 mph, on the road I know that this cadence and gearing results about 14-15 mph and my wahoo bot has me at 19 mph. Big discrepancy and I can’t even consider joining a race at this speed difference

First off: Please edit your response to remove all personal information.

Second: You can’t compare what you see on your Wahoo to what you see in game, because the Wahoo doesn’t know what sort of terrain you on are in-game.

Third: Is your trainer paired as controllable?

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