Low power in Zwift with a Tacx Flux 2


I just bought a Flux tacx 2 but I am having power issues on Zwift, can I barely exceed 200 watts? Whereas with my old HT tacx no problem.
Even after calibration on the Tacx app the problem persists.
I am signed in to Zwift on my Mac using an ANT + dongle.

Do you know where the problem may come from? I am losing hope ^^

What trainer is that

My old trainer is a Tacx vortex smart T 2180

This is kind of related I guess and more of a question too I suppose, anyway, if two riders of equal weight say 80kg are in same race approximately 60 miles in distance and average exactly the same power how is it possible that one rider finishes 6 minutes ahead of the other. Is it possible my trainer (Saris H2) is garbage and/or needs to recalibrated? Or maybe I just don’t understand Zwift math yet.

Hi @Gary_Rosebeck.

Average power is not an applicable value to use, it depend on how and when the power was produced. One can ride average 200w the whole route and the other at 180w but 250w on every climb.

Zwift use the data your trainer send to it. So if you look at average power that is what Zwift received.

Saris trainers is very good.

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Thank you that does make sense, good to hear the Saris is not the problem just my poor climbing abilities apparently.