Lost Zwift hub through axle adapter

Hi feeling dumb as just got my new Zwift Hub and used twice. Moved it to garage and now have lost the through axle adapter. Does anyone know where I can buy another? Thanks

Hi @Robert_Bajaj

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Llease reach out to our support team through chat at https://support.zwift.com/ just click the “Contact Us” button at the top right of the page or you can send an email to support@zwift.com. our support team would be happy to help you get another throughaxel adapter.

it can’t have gone too far. Probably just rolled into a corner, or something.

Update. So impressed with Zwift Service. They have picked up my message and sent me a new adapter free of charge and it arrives within 48 hours! So so impressed!
Thank you

Thank you!
Amazing service - I have now received new adapter.



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