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I am a relatively new rider (second year with Zwift). I’ve been doing three meetups per week and have reached as high as 130 Watt average per ride. I’m trying to find group rides or workouts that will help me increase my average Watts. I ride with my brother who average close to 180W. I’d like to get stronger and get to 140W. Any suggestions for where to look on Zwift to find rides at my level?

Hi @Tom_Fentin, welcome to the forums.

There are a lot of training plans in Zwift, I suggest you find one of the beginner level plans and give that a try. Remember, always start a new training plan on a Monday, the first day of the week, Zwift doesn’t give you a lot of freedom to schedule the training plans so you need to finish all the weeks rides within the week.

You will find the plans in the Training menu on the main page where you select your world/route.

To get better recommendations, you should provide your w/kg as well. 130 watts can be 2.0 w/kg for some lighter riders or 1.0 for heavy riders, and it makes a big difference.

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I’ve done a couple of “group workouts” and doing them with others is certainly more motivational, and can be a bit of fun too. Best way to find those is to use Events and filter for Workouts in the Event Type section …

Targeted training plans will likely yield better results though.