Longest Group Ride on Zwift - Full PRL

Hold on to your handlebars and prepare for the most uproarious cycling extravaganza known to mankind! Get ready to pedal, laugh, and sweat like never before in our full prl Zwift event on July 1st, spanning a mind-boggling 173.8 kilometers of pure hilarity!

Remember, this is not just a race—it’s an adventure where comedy meets cardio. So buckle up (metaphorically, of course, because we don’t recommend cycling while actually buckled) and get ready to cross the finish line with a smile on your face and a stitch in your side from laughing. Our full prl Zwift event on July 1st will be the talk of the cycling community for years to come, and you won’t want to miss out on this wacky, pedal-powered party!

Hope to see many of you there.

Find the event under
“ Der Dreihundert Club”.

We will be riding July 1 at 08:00, GMT+2

On 1st July I’ll be riding the Dunwich Dynamo, a real life ride that starts in Hackney and goes about 112 miles up to Dunwich in Suffolk, by the time me and my mates have ridden to Hackney and finished the Dynamo we’ll have done about 140 Miles (225km), the ride starts at 6pm with the intention of getting to Dunwich on the East coast of England in time for sun rise