Longer days, shorter nights

(Andrew Williams) #1

I like days better.

(Allan Watkins) #2

So do I haha. But night riding can be nice during the hot summer days (in real life)

(Andrew Williams) #3

Maybe in July when people on Zwift will be in air conditioned rooms escaping the heat of places like Tucson, more night would be refreshing but I still vote for a higher Day/Night ratio in game.

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #4


(Bill Verdon) #5

day…mainly cuz I am currently riding at night/evenings and it is dark where I live when I get around to hitting the trainer…I would like to imagine that I am riding during the day. I actually feel better riding during the day…weird huh?

(Shawn DeBoer) #6

Or, let me choose - day vs night.

(Tim Corso) #7


(Howie Nordstrom) #8

Let the user choose how much daylight or night time riding there will be for each ride.

(Scott) #9

We lengthened days in the Feb 11 release

(Jerry Weiss) #10

At least an hour of day please. And start nights at a specific time (top of the hour bottom of the hour, top every odd hour or something similar) so I can avoid it if I want (vision issues)