I like days

I still think night lasts too long.  Between sunset, night and sunrise it seems like I’m almost always riding in low-light conditions.  It would be nice if I could ride at least a full hour in full sunshine.  

I’m also speaking as someone that has vision problems. Though I can see the screen at night, I can notsee it all that well, so the longer the days the better for me.

Agreed, although I like that you transition into night time, it should just be a short thing, otherwise 90% full daylight.

I ride about the same time every day – between 10-12 AM EST in the USA. Seems to me that I’m ALWAYS riding in dusk/night even when it’s certainly full daylight (in VA, anyway). The bike’s rear light is on 90% of the time.

Doesn’t bother me a lot but it does seem strange…

Another vote to keep things in daylight.