London Hyde Park Extension

Pottering round the London Loop this evening. After looking at the Strava map it’s crying out for a flat extension, and routing round Hyde Park is a good fit.

Would take in features such as Marble Arch, Albert Hall, Natural History Museum. Harrods, Kensington Palace & Gardens, Imperial War Museum, Chelsea embankment & Battersea, and many more notable London landmarks.

A new spawn point and right turm as Park Lane (A402) to Marble Arch. Left along the park, then left past Kensington palace & gardens (B406). Left onto A315 to rejoin the current circuit at A4. Double back through Kensington & Chelsea past the War Museum, then along Chelsea embankment back to the circuit.

A new spawn point would also allow for multiple run routes through Hyde park past the Serpentine and Kensington Gardens.

Part of route is currently used for London Triathlon, so a good fit.

Screenshot attached.


As long as there’s no sleeping policemen!

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