London Box Hill

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I went up at Box Hill today trying to go for a new PR :wink:. But I found myself being slowed down by riders I was passing. I could see it on the ETA time. Depending on how fast the rider I passed was, I lost 3-7 seconds for each rider I passed. 

My data was about 18-20 km/ h and 250-270 watt. Is it just the way it is or are you looking in to that already ? 

It is the same on Watopia climbs… here I can see on the speed

Happy new year 2018. Keep up the good Zwift and may your Zwift be with you :wink:

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michael gravlund 

It appears that (sometimes at least) the drafting simulation “sticks” you behind a rider you’re expecting to pass.

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I’m just taking part in a discussion about this as another possible viewpoint…

I ride that hill a lot and even on that same day as you mentioned. I was feeling particularly good and set some PR’s. Zwift is very subjective as to the riders approach and in my case, I use my KickR as a bicycle simulator, using sim-mode with gradient set to 85-90%. I find that if I pull more inches in my gear selection and apply strong, even power, I ride right past most people (only because they choose to ride slower than I, I am no powerhouse!).

I do see occasions where I’ll lock onto a person matching my output. Perhaps ERG mode might make this happen more often and a group workout with rubber banding sure as heck will cause it.

Good luck and have a great 2018.

Hello Steve and Cary

the issue I have is not that I am stick behind a rider. I pass them without trouble but I can see on the ETA time that there is a time “ penalty”. And depending of how quick the rider is the “ penalty” is from 3-7 seconds. The slower the rider goes the less “penalty” I get☺️

A climb on Box Hill can give me a “penalty” of more than 30 seconds because of this issue.

Can’t say as I’ve noticed this, I do get stuck behind riders where the power output is similar.  On a climb I do notice the ETA tends to jump around quite a lot but not to the point I feel penalised.  I’ll pay more attention next time.

I also notice the ETA jumps around but I thought it was due to the change in gradient and the program not doing a good job of estimating the finishing time as you slow down with increased gradient or speed up with reduced gradient.