London 2 Brighton

Hi, would anyone know if there’s a virtual London 2 Brighton route available on Zwift? I’m looking to train for the real event next summer. Thank you.

Hi there. Brighton is not modelled in Zwift, no. There are various elements of the City on the London world/map, and a teleport via a mock underground to Surrey (Box Hill etc) but that’s it. Have a look here at the available routes: Route Maps & Details for Zwift’s London Course | Zwift Insider

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It looks like London to Brighton is around 90km with several small hills fairly evenly spaced. The route and hills vary from year to year so I couldn’t see exactly what 2023 will look like. Some routes you might consider might include:

Big Foot Hills
PRL Half
Temples and Towers (3 laps)
Road to Ruins (3 laps)

Anything that approximates the amount of time you expect to spend on the bike and includes repeated climbs should be fine. You can always adjust the Trainer Difficulty setting in Zwift to make the climbs more like what you expect on the route. You can also self-navigate in the game to build your own route that best matches what you’ll be doing.

Between now and next September you probably have enough time to ride every badged route in Zwift, so you may as well ride them all to keep it interesting.

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