Linking to Strava shouldn't post automatically

It’s bad form to post automatically just because my account is linked.  Give us the option of whether every ride should be posted, or at minimum, the option to have rides default to private.

I think you can unlink from Strava quite easily. Go to your my Zwift dashboard and there is a prompt to ‘disconnect’

On the mobile app you can end your ride and then get prompted to Save and Post to Strava or DIscard.  Not what you are asking but will allow you some control

JB, the point of linking was to get the free two months for having strava premium. I may try unlinking and see if it stays. That’s a work around though. The point is that when finishing a ride, the options are discard or save and post, no option to save and NOT post to strava.  Even if linked, I don’t want to post every ride to strava, nor do I want every ride to be public. 

My suggestion:  the save dialogue should have options to save and post, with a checkbox to keep private if desired (and a user setting to default to private if desired), or to simply save. Uploading to training peaks in this same process would also be nice. 

it doesn’t actually discard your activity.

if you go to your saved activities folder, the .FIT file is still there.

you can then manually upload to Strava.

this may change in the future but at least for now you can try this.


If Zwift has posted a ride onto Strava, and you don’t want the ride on Strava, you can delete the ride from Strava. Just login and then go into the ride, Edit and then Delete ride, easy.

Ride on Dude!

Stewart, the post was a feature request, not a workaround request. And, rather than delete the ride, I simply mark it as private. The point is that Zwift shouldn’t post automatically, nor have no option from within Zwift to keep the ride private. 

Lets be honest, the Zwift game is great; the Zwift user interface however is woeful.

Agree Davis - BTW just delete the effort on Strava!