Level 25 riders should always get a power up

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Level 25 riders have no use of 10 experience points, hence they should recieve power ups only when passing portals. A perk for being level 25, please.

The problem there is that L25 riders would no longer be earning that XP. A lot of us have been promised for years it wasn’t going to waste and would feature in future levels or in game store?


You are earning that XP - it’s still ticking up. We are working on a system that will make sense but that XP will not go to waste. I know we’ve said that many times but it’s really true.


i completely agree with this, we get points per mile anyways, we should be rewarded for our hard work to get to level 25 with power ups. it seems since i hit level 25 80% of the time i just get 10 points. when you are in a group ride that is slightly above your level, those power ups are a life saver.

Can you give us an ETA, Eric? One year, five years, twenty years…?


I can confirm that it will be released in less than twenty years. :slight_smile:


Should I be concerned that you didn’t pick five? :thinking:


I can, with some measure of confidence, say that more levels will be released in less than five years :slight_smile:


I think all riders should have 2 perk (at the same time)not 1 so an appropriate selection can be used .
For example , i had the areo perk all the way up a climb (if used not much of a perk) which was changed at the top for the feather weight perk (so no use for downhill).I think the programmers were having a joke with me .

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Sometimes you get the leader shell, sometimes you get the banana peel :wink:


Bumping this one back up. I’m sick on getting extra points when I could be getting something useful, especially in a race.

Coming Soon™


I would prefer all races to have power ups disabled and full draft enabled by default. At least that makes sense, race is not a workout.


well what if riders are far beyond lvl 50 instantly?

That won’t happen :slight_smile:

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im waiting in suspense :slight_smile:

I have a feeling you won’t be waiting too long :eyes:

@EricC Can we get a set scale of “never going to happen” to “it’s being released now” in Zwift verbiage? Where does “Coming Soon™” come in on that scale vs. “you won’t be waiting too long”?

“Not waiting too long” is code for “I can’t tell you an exact date so I have to say soon” :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: How about this, “if” it does get released you can do the math and guess which word means what :smiley:

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Now that we have 50 levels…

Level 50 riders should always get a power up!

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