Let me choose my own graphics settings

Zwift seems to be defaulting to Low or Medium settings on my Huawei Matebook X Pro.

Zwiftalizer shows the frame rate never falling below 60FPS so it can obviously handle higher quality. Please leave the decision on this to users.

Resolution set to 1080p/high with battery saving off.

Do you know you can select the graphics quality in the settings? If the choice there seems below the ability of you computer I think you can request that Zwift adds your machine to their “auto config” list - for want of a better term. I have seen posts in the past where a particular graphics card didn’t seem to be supported and resulted in poor quality settings being selected automatically, which was fixed when Zwift added support for that card.

Really pleased to open Zwift today and see that the game now detects the discrete graphics card properly. Look much prettier now. :slight_smile: