Lenovo laptop

Hi, I just this minute went out and got a Lenovo Ideapad to use with Swift but it won’t download the application. I just bought a cheap laptop because I only wanted to use it for Zwift! Please help… I don’t really know that much about computers.

Post the specs of the computer including video card.

I used an 2 year old laptop myself . It lagged and froze and the graphics were not smooth.
Recently changed to an Apple tv4k box and it’s a major improvement . It was the cheapest option for me as I only wanted it for zwift .

It’s all about the graphics card. I’ve been on zwift for just over 3 yrs. Used iPad, MacBook Pro, 4kATV. Today I upgraded to a PC running intel I7 with NVIDIA 1070ti graphics. It’s like finally seeing the world in color. I’m connected to an LG 4K 43” tv, running in Ultra mode. Amazing detail, never seen on my other setups. Frame rate smooth as silk. App much more responsive, better drafting and les lag with inclines

MacBook Pro sucks (2015). ATV is decent but still half the image quality I’m now getting, on a computer that cost about 1/3 as much as the MBP.