What laptop to get?

I am back on Zwift and find my old (2010) Macbook Pro geting really hot when running Zwift- plus the battery is shot and replacing it did not help much. So, I am thinking of getting a new laptop that will run Zwift and I’ll use it for surfing, emails, etc. I fo display Zift on my TV usually but not always.

What laptop would you guys recommend? Should I stick with a Mac (Pro?) or a PC type with maybe 16 MB of RAM? I am not sure how much CPU power/memory Zwift uses but I do notice the laptop getting quiet hot when using it. Often very hot.

Any recommendations will be appreciated. If a Mac Air or Pro will work, great. If not, I’m fine with getting a Lenovo, Hp, or whatever but the specs are what I am concerned about. The graphics need to look good on the screen and it needs to not get overwhelmed. Thanks!!

The new Macbooks with the Apple M1 chip run it pretty well: M1 / Apple Silicon compatibility

i’ve a newer i7 mbp, which i occasionally used , in place of my 2007 imac which gives about 2 frames per sec. the mbp is fine ( it gets hot) , but i recently bought an apple tv, which i find is just as good ( used with companion app as a hub fir the BT)and can be left set up, i use the imac as an extra screen to use for music, video, livetv, and data on courses as i ride.

Thanks guys! I completely forgot that I have an iPad Pro (2 years old) I can try it with. I think the M1 Macbook Pro is an eventuality either way since I have zero experience with gaming PCs. So I’ll try the iPad next, and then Macbook Pro with a cooling fan I just ordered. I’ll look at the M1s, though pricey. Nicely decked out, they are around $2K but pretty future-proofed and with tons of storage for photos and videos.