Leader Jersey Request

(K.C. Race3R) #1

With the growth in popularity of ZEM riders all being placed into the identical jerseys for ZEM events (like dZi InGamba #PST and dZi Wahoo #PST), it would be a big help to riders and leaders alike for the LEADERS to have a special Zwift LEADERS jersey that they automatically wear for events so that they stand out from the balance of the other riders. Could we make that enhancement please? Even if the leader wore the jersey of their choice that would be a help. THANKS. KC. #zwiftΔriding.

(Brandon Amos) #2

Firstly, most group rides I enter don’t force a jersey upon everyone

Secondly, you get a massive arrow like thing above the leader to easily identify them

Thirdly, if the group ride forced a jersey and one person was wearing a different one it could be hard to identify the leader when the group passes other riders on the course

(K.C. Race3R) #3

Sorry Brandon, but what is the DOWNSIDE to a group ride leader having a distinctive LEADER jersey please?. The key UPSIDE is that it makes it more clear who the ride leader is … In bigger group rides the Yellow Beacon is often off screen, so it does not help as much as a beacon AND a special jersey would help.