Please add a club jersey

its almost impossible to find my club teammates when there are hundreds of cyclist nearby.
all the "riding together " is impossible just impossible .
a cyclist from same team shuld have the ability to ride together and recognize each other from behind.

Please read this thread: Having a Club jersey

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I wish they would do something like this. I am fortunate that our group has a jersey on Zwift and it is pretty vivid so it is very easy to see other team riders. But others do not. Maybe all riders wearing the same helmet and same color socks. Probably have to pick out a goofy color so it stands out. Also, maybe all ride one of the frames that allow you to change the color, make it a wild color so you stand out easier.

Also - in the early days of Zwift, before group events I would organize a few group rides. The old style where people were told to meet at the start banner. I would always ask riders to wear Zwift jersey X, while I wore the black and yellow ‘Bumblebee’ jersey. Maybe having all your riders pick out a vivid jersey would do the trick.