Le Col Tour of London - Women Cat C

(Ainara Benavente [VIXEN]) #1

1- No woman on Le Col of London Stage 1 got the jersey unlock.

2- Every woman above 3w/kg keeps being disqualified in the Le Col Tour of London in zwiftpower.com, because by default is Cat C, but in this case this only means WOMEN cat, not a w/kg range cat. Just to let you know… hopefully, someone can fix this.

Anyone has updates regarding this two issues??

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #2

I noted I did not see the “C” for women on my race briefing, only “A” and “B”. I figured this was because I was a male. Might be tied to that. That sticks you were robbed!  :slight_smile:

(Ainara Benavente [VIXEN]) #3

Zwift updated me on their facebook page that they will look into it with the organizers! Hopefully, they will fix this soon!! lol

They have already fixed the jersey issue!!


(Ainara Benavente [VIXEN]) #4

Everything has been fixed!!


Ride ON!

(Ainara Benavente [VIXEN]) #5


Women still get disqualified when riding above 3w/Kg at zwiftpower.com. Stage 1 ranking was fixed but Stage 2, 3 and 4 still not working…