Latest Update

Recently, the blue course profile appearing at the top right of the Zwift screen has been changed for a ‘Google Maps’ format. As a vision impaired customer I find it now impossible to see the tiny triangle showing the course gradient percentage and the small course profile appearing at the bottom of the map. ALSO, I cannot now see other riders nearby as I could when we had the previous blue profile and green rider identifiers… Seeing the proximity of other riders is essential to my Zwift experience as I become a lot more motivated when I’m either trying to catch a fellow rider or escape from a pursuing rider - it was so easy to distinguish nearby riders with the previous blue profile. LASTLY, it was a great benefit to be able to see what lay ahead on the course such as an upcoming hill or the relief when I saw I was near to cresting a hill.
Without the blue profile box Zwift really has lost its appeal to me as it was such an integral part of my Zwift enjoyment. I appreciate it is probably not a big issue to fully sighted participants but there must be a lot of other riders experiencing the unfortunate change of format as I am.
REALLY hope you can help guys as I have been a loyal Zwifter since the beta stage of the program.

I fully agree. The latest update is only beneficial for people “getting lost” on the track. It would be nice to be able to chose, what you wanna see on the screen.
And why ist there no average speed indication anywhere,but after the ride ?

I’m an older user with the eyesight problems that come with age. I agree that the gradient is too small when it goes below 3%. In my setup my computer is about 2 ½ feet from my eyes and I just can’t see what the gradient is when it goes below 3%. I do like the map and the rest of the changes, but can understand the difficulties for those with worst eyesight.

I just don’t like it because it is way to graphical. Zwift should take a look at which is a simple and more usable approach.

Because of the fancy graphics the important information seams lost i.e. gradient and route profile are worse than in the old design. Also as it is it is mostly redundant with the main screen. For me a step in the wrong direction

Only benefit I see is in a group ride but this could still be easier and better handled by just always showing the group leader in the list of riders nearby.

Further I would suggest Zwift to take a look other first person 3D games for screen layout design. Succesfull games like CoD and Battlefield do not use a cluttered screen with redundant information. They focus on the first person view as I think should Zwift.

Still like Zwift for that it makes indoor cycling fun regardless of the imho flawed graphical design

The old map was easier to see at glance and less distracting. I wish you would give the user a choice to toggle between the two. I have not read much positive comments about the new map.