Latest Update - Poor Performance on 2017 iPad

(Brett Mulqueen-Ducker | RCC | WBR (C)) #1

Anyone else having major performance slowdown on the new iOS update - the graphics appear to have been changed and it’s now so jerky and low framerate it’s bordering on unusable? Brand new 2017 iPad, so there isn’t really anything from a hardware perspective to change or at fault…

(Nicole Klein) #2

Same Problem here… 2 month old Ipad 2017 and massive performance slowdown since last update.

(TJ Cuddy (C)) #3

Terrible performance now that the update has rolled out to my PC also.

(Satoru N) #4

Same on my PC, I changed frame rate low in configuration, but performance is not improved.

(Chris Stearns ZBR) #5

yes I’ve seen a slowdown on my mac book pre 2011. It runs perfect on my windows laptop… I put a ticket in and would suggest others to do the same.

(Thad White) #6

This last update broke the iPad app. 

(Albert S. Corporaal) #7

whata shit update


(Jon Lumpkin) #8

Used on my 2017 iPad on iOS11 this morning. Very choppy and stuttery especially when multiple riders were on screen.

  • Update 2/14 - I’ve been using Zwift on my iPad most days in the last week and poor performance has not recurred. Not sure what issue I was having that day.

(michael wong) #9

Ticket submitted for this issue

(Chris Hampe) #10

For general riding I am fine on my ipad air 2, But if I try and do a group workout it does not put me into workout mode.