Latest Update - Poor Performance on 2017 iPad

Anyone else having major performance slowdown on the new iOS update - the graphics appear to have been changed and it’s now so jerky and low framerate it’s bordering on unusable? Brand new 2017 iPad, so there isn’t really anything from a hardware perspective to change or at fault…

Same Problem here… 2 month old Ipad 2017 and massive performance slowdown since last update.

Terrible performance now that the update has rolled out to my PC also.

Same on my PC, I changed frame rate low in configuration, but performance is not improved.

yes I’ve seen a slowdown on my mac book pre 2011. It runs perfect on my windows laptop… I put a ticket in and would suggest others to do the same.

This last update broke the iPad app. 

whata shit update


Used on my 2017 iPad on iOS11 this morning. Very choppy and stuttery especially when multiple riders were on screen.

  • Update 2/14 - I’ve been using Zwift on my iPad most days in the last week and poor performance has not recurred. Not sure what issue I was having that day.

Ticket submitted for this issue

For general riding I am fine on my ipad air 2, But if I try and do a group workout it does not put me into workout mode.