Laptop missing action button.

I use a laptop with a touch matrix. Why there is no button photo and change camera , actions button as it is in a tablet.

Hi Artur, the button bar is available if you press the UP arrow key on the keyboard on the laptop. 

Tell me how to write a button? More and more laptop - tablets 2 in one. There is a laptop - you rotate the screen - and you have a tablet.

I see.  If that is your setup I recommend you get “Zwift Mobile Link” on your phone or tablet.  It’s a controller app for Zwift that will let you access all those buttons remotely while you are on the bike. It sends the signals to your laptop over WiFi.   Otherwise our desktop version needs an accessible keyboard for certain actions.

It’s bad. I’m using a mobile link. But it is slow. works with a delay. But it is not convenient. I am now paying more USD 15, so I am asking for a function on the PC laptop for touch screen actions buttons.

Artur: could you configure your computer in laptop mode? If you have your screen where you can reach the touch screen, couldn’t you also reach the keyboard?

in which case, why is my request? In tablet mode, it is convenient to touch the function with your finger. I do not spit sweat on the keyboard. The main reason why the screen is closer to my eyes.

I thought that the function on the tablet is not a problem to do actionas on a laptop-tablet.

The latest version of ZWIFT and a surprise :). Action buttons appeared in the Windows version. COOL ! Thank you. Now the ride has become even more enjoyable :)))).


There is only one small problem left. Zwift will not activate the on-screen keyboard. I do not know why. Pressing the talk button displays the input window. You can not write or leave anything.


why ZWIFT can not fix it! Without a keyword, you can not leave the text window !!! When the window is visible, other functions do not work !!! Just add the X button.