UI/UX Improvements

I’m a sweaty pig.

…And my trackpad doesn’t work well with sweaty hands.

It’d be great if the entire Zwift experience could be done without touching a mouse or trackpad. Keys are super easy to hit when “on the rivet” compared to using a cursor and clicking.
Make it obvious which button is currently selected and will be “clicked” when the Enter key is pressed.
The Welcome screen has “Change User” and “Let’s Go” buttons with the “Let’s Go” in orange. I can hit Enter and it selects the orange button- so orange equals default. Note that if I hit TAB on this screen the buttons get a black line border to indicate which is selected.
The next screen, Pairing, has six orange buttons so orange is no longer the default action color. There are also two blue buttons, a gray button, and the black “settings” gear. Absolutely no way to know what function hitting Enter will have here and the TAB key has no function. Neither does the Enter key. Mouse or trackpad is required for this screen.

Main screen. Enter activates the orange (so it is default color?) button and brings up the Menu screen. Curiously this screen has a unique animation if you mouse over the Back button and a different animation for the End Ride button- which happens to be orange but is not the default action when Enter is pressed.

On the main screen, my old eyes can’t tell which direction the tiny route profile icon is facing. There is a wee little triangle. Please make that thing larger.
The route profile would be great if it showed only the profile for your event course.

Messaging is great but would be even better if relative rider location were indicated by message location. Riders ahead of you have their messages above your name while those behind have their messages below. If the message is from someone off your nearby list the same applies: riders behind have their message stuck to the bottom of the list, etc.
Some solution to the message “stacking” if not using companion app.

Add a “Whisper” function so you can talk to the riders in your blob or within 10 meters, something like that. This would allow groups to communicate without broadcasting their intent to the entire field. “Come on guys, let’s chase them down! Take turns on the front!” Or for friendly group rides, private chat without having a formal “group”.

Pairing: My HRM occasionally fails to connect or I fail to connect it after walking away from the bike. Currently we have to come to a complete stop to re-pair. It’s a minor annoyance which really sucks in races.

Bike change shortcut/hot keys. As long as bike changes are allowed in events it should be the same process for someone on an iPad, Mac, AppleTV, PC, etc.

Join Event: If I can’t recall which world an event uses I have to random pick a world, wait for it to load, wait for the Join Event message, wait for new world to load. Can’t we go directly to our event/event world? If not, perhaps add the world description to the Event description.

That’s all for now. Hehe.


All sounds like lots of sensible ideas. Particularly the HRM pairing is so annoying mid race you can’t do anything about it without ruining your race.

It would be good if you could keep moving while in the pairing screen maybe have a pause button or something for those times where you want to keep pedalling without moving. TTT warmup springs to mind.

There is a new UI rolling out New Zwift Home Screen Update [January 2022] so some of your ideas might already be on the way like the join event directly i believe is part of the new UI and various updates to ride profiles and routes so that hopefully will be a big improvement.

As for the other items you might be better splitting then into separate posts to see if they can get some traction