Lap button for .fit or .gpx output

(Jim Libecco [BSquad]) #1

Having a button to divide a file as needed would be very useful. I realize that they’re already preset segments and laps that occur during the event, however this does not show up in the output file that I might integrate into another software platform for analysis. It will be very useful to be able to divide with a simple button press such as the L key.

(Brandon Amos) #2

I’d take this one step futher.  On a Garmin Edge you can state how a lap is to be created.  Options are:

  • When you ride a certain distance

  • When you ride a certain amount of time

  • When you pass a particular track point which is useful when you ride loops

  • When you manually press the button

The current FIT file contains no lap data.  I’d like to be able to control how it is created.  Personally I’d like the 3rd of the options I’ve listed above when I am not doing a workout.  Alternatively when I’m in a work out I’d like it to create a lap for each interval within the workout.


(Wade Wilson) #3

Agree, I could ditch my bike computer if only I had a lap button in zwift.