Language Zwift Companion

Hi, I’ve installed the Companion app and it’s in French. I cannot find where I can switch to English.
My home country is Belgium.
How can I change this ?

Hi Marc,
What device is it installed on?
I have it in English on an iPhone in which the principal language is French. You can modify the Companion interface language here:

  • Réglages (Settings?) app =>
  • Companion =>
  • Langue préférée => Langue => drop-down menu of language suggestions.

Ride On :ride_on:

Edit: I run Companion in English because I find some of the translations into French odd, and the Zwift-specific terminology easier to follow in the original.

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Thanks a lot for this quick reply and usefull tip !
It was on my Ipad and I have changed my settings according your advise and now it’s OK :ok_hand:


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