Language selection on Zwift Companion App

I would like to use the Companion App in another language (especially in English I wish) regardless of language setting of iOS, because Japanese translation is so poor…

Are you using iPhone (iOS)? I ask because my Companion app is in English even though my phone is in Chinese.

I wonder if the Companion app language is tied to your Zwift app language. :thinking: I use English in Zwift app. I have not tried Chinese.

Yes, I use the Companion App on iPhone in Japanese.
The language of Zwift itself (on Windows) is English.
I guess the language of the Companion App is tied to iOS settings.

no… My iOS is Chinese, but Companion app is English. I have never seen Chinese Companion app.

@Vincent Do you know how this works? What determines the language of the Companion app? I looked and could not find a setting to change the language. Did I overlook such a setting?

I mean that the Companion App’s language setting might be linked to iOS setting ONLY IF the App would have translations to the system (iOS) language.
If the App doesn’t include translation to Chinese, it might been that App’s language is English and iOS’s language is Chinese.

I hope that I could choose different language in the App other than iOS language.

Totally agree! Want to use it in English, too, but since the last update it switches the language to the device setting (German for me).
Translations are not always correct and translated strings not always match the on-screen space allocated for English texts, so please let us change the language.

So yours was in English, but switched to German after an app update. Interesting :thinking:

I have always seen English even though my iPhone is in Chinese.

that’s probably because chinese localization don’t exist yet, so app choses international language by default

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Well it looks like the localization now exists. The latest update to the Companion app has changed everything from English to Chinese. However, the problem is that it is simplified Chinese. Although we can read it, we do not use simplified Chinese in Taiwan. China uses simplified. Taiwan uses traditional.

Definitely need a language selection option. Chinese should also have a choice between simplified and traditional characters.

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Exactly, the latest update changes the setting and the app shows Simplified Chinese instead of English now.
Definitely need the possibility to set the different language.

I do not know if you already solved this problem.
I could solve this by:
setup a vpn based in the UK
switch phone language to UK
switch location setting of phone to uk
installed the companion app.
After installation I switched back to my normal location and language and the app remained in english

Regards Will

Not sure when it happened (latest update?), but the Companion app now displays traditional Chinese characters matching that of my phones language setting.

Thank you Zwift!

In iOS select settings and look for Companion app. Langage settings are one of the parameters. Mine were set to french after an iOS update. Switched back to english, problem solied.

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I couldn’t find Language Settings in Settings > Companion app…
Version issue with iOS or Companion app?

Language setting for individual apps is an iOS 13 feature.

Oh, I see.
After adding another language in iOS Settings > General > Language & Region, I can choose language in Settings > Companion.
Thanks all!

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