Lag Between App & Hub

I’m new to Zwift. I’ve just bought the Zwift Hub and set it up. I’ve done a few rides and have noticed a lag between the App and the resistance of the Hub. When climbing up a hill, the variation of the resistance lags the image on the screen. So, for example, on the screen I am already on the climb but the increased resistance hasn’t yet kicked it. Similarly, when I go over the top and the gradient turns negative, the resistance of the Hub still simulates that I’m climbing. The delay seems to be something between 5 to 10 seconds.

Is this normal?

Not normal. Please give us the entire rundown of your Zwifting setup.

Thanks for responding Nigel. I’m not sure what you need to know but I’m using it with an iPad for the App and Zwift Companion on my iPhone. Can I tell you any more?

That tells us you are using a Bluetooth connection, which is a good start. Are you connecting directly to Zwift, or using the Companion app as a bridge? Have you tried exiting the Zwift (and Companion) app and then force-quitting it before starting again? Have you checked to see that you are on the latest software and firmware versions for all devices? Are you running a microwave near your Zwift setup? There are probably some other questions to ask, but they are escaping me right now.

I’m connecting directly to the App. I haven’t tried quitting it an restarting so will try that. I am on the latest version of software (I believe) and there are no other devices nearby.

Hi Steve,

I’m having the same problems. Did you manage to work out a fix?

Hello Josh. Yes I reported the problem and sent a video and they replaced it without question. The new one works perfectly.