Ladder racing live scoreboard

For the ladder racing I think a live scoreboard of the total points on screen for each team would be a great addition
The scoreboard constantly updates as rider’s change position so each team knows / has a better idea of where they need to finish to get a win
Trying to use calculator and pen and paper while racing is a bit much at times :slightly_smiling_face:

Not for everyone…but there’s a nice mod in the sauce add on that does just that. I doubt this will be high up zwifts priority list…

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Zwift doesn’t support points events of any kind for in-game results at the finish, much less live tracking of points or team points. Instead it delivers results that are completely wrong. Producing correct results at the finish would be a good first step, or even just a message saying that results will be published elsewhere.

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Hi Paul,
i agree, you would think that this would be basic stuff to add and something we shouldn’t be asking for :thinking:

Why cant they just add this??? that total live scoreboard would be so helpful