Known bug, but still unsolved: Runpod calibration fails on ANY windows 10 PC

I’ve been testing with several PCs (Windows 10) and never got to calibrate my Zwift Runpod. Always freezing at the end of first step. Same error (BT interfacing) with every PC.
Support, after several troubleshooting and emails, wrote me that this is indeed a bug, and it will be fixed, sooner or later.

What I’m wondering is: for real so few people are using Zwift runpods? Is it possible that I’m one of the few zwifting with Zwift Runpod on Windows 10 PC?
Otherwise I can’t explain why this bug is not solved after so many years…

Please let me know how many of you are running with the runpods, because I can’t believe the 99% of runners have connected treadmills!

thanks everyone for replying!