Kinetic Rock n roll T-2800

Evening all, I’ve been connecting to zwift using a speed and cadence sensor using the non supported trainer setting which limits me to 400W. I’ve seen on this link that I should be able to select this trainer on zwift is that correct? And also would this still limit me to 400W? It has the black in ride sensor on the trainer.

what brand trainer do you have, you need to select the same trainer as the one on your bike.

Sorry I didn’t make it clear, I’m using the kinetic rock n roll T-2800

I seem to recall hearing that you can buy something that turns that into a supported trainer.

based on what this list says under classic trainer

Then I’d be looking at this article

Cheers Ben,

Yeah those new Inride sensors are like gold dust at the moment, probably sold out because of Covid-19 or they have been discontinued :man_shrugging:t2:

Was just curious as it’s on the list zwift provide if there was a way to increase my watts with just the use of my speed and cadence sensor via Zpower.