Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart 2 + Android tablet and phone + Garmin Forerunner 645 setup

I am new to Zwift and would like to give it a try, but need to figure out what will be the best setup with all that I have.

My actual equipment:

  1. Hybrid bike
  2. Kinetic Rock and Roll smart 2 model T-2810
  3. Garmin Bike speed sensor and cadence sensor
  4. Garmin Forerunner 645 watch
  5. Lenovo Tab4 10 android 7.1 tablet + Android 8 cell. phone


Q1—What I do not understand is how to connect those above devices to Adnroid tablet since Garmin Bike sensors are Ant+ and also I would like to see on the screen the heart rate from Garmin Forerunner 645.

Q2— Will I be able to connect speed and cadence sensor to Forerunner 645 watch and then it will be synchronised over Bluetooth to Android Zwift app?

Q3—Or I will need to purchase a special Micro usb Ant + sensor for android tablet in order to receive the signal from Garmin speed and cadence sensors?

Q4—Will I be able to see the heart rates from Forerunner 645 on Zwift android app?

Q5—Apparently Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart 2 comes with some additional InRide Sensor, will it replace the both Garmin speed and cadence sensors?

Thank you!

Q1-4: Simple answer is you would need either a CABLE or a 4iiii HRM to bridge the ANT+ signal to the tablet. At the moment you cannot connect directly to the tablet using ANT+ so it needs to be bridge to BLE. It does not matter if the tablet supports ANT+ or if you get a dongle on it you would still need either the CABLE or the 4iiii HRM to bridge the signal. The same goes for iOS devices just as an FYI.

Q5: The answer is yes.

Sorry, didnt really understood this part with the CABLE…
Physical cable?

For the bridge between Ant + and Android device:
– will I be able to use Garmin forerunner 645 as this bridge device to Zwift?

By the way black screen on Lenovo Tab 4 10 (TB-X304F)
The world is black, but can see the menu, mini-map, can hear the sounds, and even can see some players icons over the black screen world.


Your only option for bridging the signal are the ones I posted earlier.

Ok. Thank you. Got you now. This is a communication bridge called CABLE.
I thought in the beginning you’ve suggested to me a usage of physical cable … ))

But unfortunately this will be still an issue, since the Android Lenovo Tab4 10 tablet having a black screen on Zwift.
Thus, my only option left for the moment is to install windows on PC.

Be aware that the configuration app for the npe cable device is only on ios. If you have only android devices then the viiiiva heart rate monitor will be your only option for bridging ant+ to bluetooth.

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For initial setup you do need an iOS device since the config app is only available on iOS, but after that you can use an Android device for bridging:

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@ Aaron_Zwanzig, @Paul_Allen, thank you!
this is actually a very important point.

But my final solution was other:

  1. I’ve switch from Linux on my laptop to Win10 as a second OS
  2. Used my Garmin watch to broadcast the heart rate data.
  3. Used Ant+/Bluetooth adapter + extension attached to laptop for hear rate data + sensors from the trainer.

*Although I’ve already ordered the 4iiii heart rate device and Ant+ adapter, but apparently it was not really necessary for my needs and type of setup

Thank you!